Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The book of odes

"Yan yan yu fei, yu chi his feather. Zi yu, sent to the wild."
From "the book of songs".
This is the earliest farewell poem.
Ancient, the mountain high road, the world wide. The travelling horses were dusted off, and the men stood for a long time until the end of the mountain road. The man on the car looked up, and the tall hill in the distance suddenly appeared him, her figure, you are in the mountain, cheap jerseysshe is running with the hill. Until each other becomes a point and falls into the heart.
The greatest injury of the ancients is to leave.
It is also the initial feeling of the desert wilderness.
The poet must be from the distant past.
Only then can such an eye, infinite feeling.
No matter how often unusual, this moment, how can be difficult to give up, the feeling of the bowels.
What's more, the next sentence "look at the river," and "it's raining."
The horses were slow, and he was going to be out of sight.
Then the star was wide and wide, and how long she would stand before she could lose him to the horizon.
The wind in the mountains was quiet, and no one would disturb her, but she had taken care of the rain.
The wind in the mountains can be great, but the tears never do.
There are few people in the mountains, but the crying is sudden and low, whining, making the wind shrill, and the sound of water is cold, the flowers and flowers pale, and the birds fly. The woodcutter, the farmer who had the medicine, did not panic.
The tongue of the tongue is the cry of the devil
When it is the poet's work.
There is a rain or shine round in the month, and people are sad and dissociated.
The farewell poem has since become a special category.
"I don't know anybody, go to the brook bridge."
Compared to yan yan, zhang ziye's farewell poem, the line of sight is flat.
"Looking back on the slope of the slope, only to see the top of the hat."
The north song dynasty, the five valleys of poilong are the same, the fireworks. The top of the sky is far away, and there are no more than a few of them.
Dongbo's farewell poem is more depressed.
Poetry is more arbitrary.
Then we see zhu xi's interpretation, focusing on a story of zhuang jiang with GUI, wen and hui.
The sad send-off poem added the background of "xian" and "DE", not knowing whether to dilute or deepen.
I don't know how it smells.
In yu guanying's poem, it is the story of wei jun's farewell to his daughter.
Not too much poetry, but also shallow.
Not enough.
I just think that all these good poems have been let down.
"Yan yan yu fei, yu chi his feather. The son of zi yu, sent to the wild.
Even if there is no background story, just look at this poem, this picture, Wholesale nfl jerseysrestore it. It's enough to make you feel, you know, empathy.
Great love is silent, and great love has no frontiers.
That's the only one. It's called make the gods cry.

Why did jia mother refuse

In the twenty-ninth time of the dream of the red chamber, jia mother led miss jia fu, ma 'am, wench, etc., to go to the qing dynasty and to take a dip. Because the jia mother came, Cheap nfl jerseysbesides wang's wife because of not good, can go to.
Why did jia mother refuse the cousin of zhang Taoist?
Photo taken from baidu
Peter said to QingXuGuan DaJiao busy day, and having a snuff pick up small Taoist impact the search being beaten, but jia fondly was put, jia still let Jia Zhen to give the money, not intimidated by their children. The unlucky child was lucky to have met his mother.
The other thing was that the Taoist priest made a mention of his cousin. The Taoist priest then said, "the father of the state of the day, the appearance of the state of the state, the man of the same generation, not to say, of course, has not caught up to the master, and the master, the second master, can't remember." Said bi ha ha laugh again, saying: "the day in a somebody else saw a lady, fifteen years old this year, it is a lovely. I think boys should locate. If of the miss looking, intelligent, possessions and also match. But I don't know how about the old lady, trail also expect. Such as in the old woman, please just said to go to the people."
This is a good thing for the Taoist priest to give to baoyu, cheap hatsbut his reply is a bit of a mystery. By reason, the Taoist priest is the double of rong guogong, his suggestion that jia mother would agree, but jia did not do so.
Why did jia mother refuse the cousin of zhang Taoist?
Photo taken from baidu
The original text is as follows: jia said: "last time have the monk said, the child should not marry early in life, such as big a son to settle again." you can now ask, whether he foundation with a silver spoon in her mouth, just like the worthy, to tell me. Is the family is poor, but to give him some two money. Just like son rare good personality."
Against Zhang Daoshi unmatchable, jia answer two information is given, and shouldn't marry early in life one is the treasure jade, rejected Zhang Daoshi unmatchable, 2 it is also left Zhang Daoshi face, that is to help find said, such as the treasure jade, later as long as there is proper, regardless of whether or not with foundations, good shape character is the only worthy, don't care about the poor.
Ponder jia answer carefully, can be understood as two meanings, one is to borrow the treasure jade shouldn't marry early in life, not only refused Zhang Daoshi unmatchable, also rejected the xue family marriage, because treasure chai is larger than the treasure jade, according to the age of the girls get married at that time, have time to talk about marriage, and the treasure jade shouldn't marry early in life, there is no possible between them. The second is jia mu reveal, wholesale jerseysthe condition that baoyu marries after marriage, want to look good, character is good, this is to take daiyu to be a template clearly, just do not have explicit to come out.
Why did jia mother refuse the cousin of zhang Taoist?
Photo taken from baidu
And jia mother's love for baochai, it was just a kind of polite appreciation, not to treat her like treasure. It was because of the rejection of bao chai that she refused to go to xue's house, but jia's mother deliberately borrowed xue baoqin.
Why did jia mother refuse the cousin of zhang Taoist?
Photo taken from baidu
Just Zhang Daoshi will touch the jia this line, so she just lend rejected the treasure jade shouldn't marry early in life, but because of the need to give Zhang Daoshi face, so we put forward the standards of the dai jade Zhang Daoshi to find.
It all comes from foreign granddaughter jia dai jade love, she can entirely no matter, but she didn't, she took a grandmother responsibilities so she wanted for her family, to let the dai jade happiness, so she hopes to be able to stay with her for a long time, dai jade is only one answer, that is marriage, jia jia know already, just less than, didn't say it.
Said about jia dai jade, love treasure chai, is untenable, also can not stand the test, so jia refused Zhang Daoshi's hand is the security treasure to Diana's marriage, cheap snapback hatsonly by the later, believe jia is also painful.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Move from XM to SH

Five months has flown away this year since I moved from a small coastal city in the southeast to another port city in the east of China. Yep, I came to Shanghai again.

Once I wrote a journal when I went to Xiamen (back from Shanghai) to look for a job five years ago. At that time, cheap nfl hats, as a Fujian native, I thought I would probably spend the most of my life in Xiamen, but in the meanwhile I had a hunch that I might move to another city –who knows? Maybe that displayed a naughty girl within my body who was not yet ready to settle down.

In the years to follow, I did not have any courage to make a change of the city, although I thought of good impressions and wonderful moments in Nanjing and Shanghai from time to time. Reasons may be that: firstly, Xiamen bears more comfortable climate with better air quality than Shanghai –never too cold in winter, but having no chance to see snow; secondly, life burden may not be easy to take in Xiamen, but harder in Shanghai –just consider the rental cost; thirdly, I couldn’t turn the clock back even if I came back to Shanghai or Nanjing –I  persuaded myself that the discontent about life won’t change as the environment changes; fourthly, it is my parents’ wish that I can live within the province which is near the home –indeed it can bring many advantages; fifthly, I assume it takes lots of work to move away, and I’d rather stay lazy –especially when new job offer is not confirmed; sixthly, to some extent I have already got used to living in Xiamen –not too far to travel in the downtown (island)…Believe I can list a bit more. Definitely, nfl jerseys cheapchanging a city to live is not an easy decision to make.

So what drove me to make up my mind and come here finally? Some friends, hearing of my movement to Shanghai, thought it was sudden. The decision was in a hurry at the end of last year, even with insufficient time to say goodbye face-to-face to some friends. But the consideration was not in a hurry which I took for around half a year –mostly daydreaming, though. The 3-year contract would soon come to an end in the beginning of this year, and I wanted to transfer to another industry or sector. After a little of unsuccessful application in Xiamen, I thought of the previous Shanghai employer which I did fancy when I worked for a few months. Why not have another try? However, I didn’t expect I would really make it. I mean, when going for the interview, I thought it was either OK for me to stay in Xiamen or move to Shanghai. Simply I took it as a life process. Therefore, when the job offer waved its hand, a stream of sadness suddenly swept over me, for I did not make any true mental preparation to leave Xiamen. Perhaps this is exactly the charming part of life...Well, I am not going to take time to write more details, but all in all, I’ve got a precious work opportunity in Shanghai which could never been obtained in Xiamen. Besides, cheap hatswith the status of being single I thought I still had a chance to move before marriage. And I got support from my dear parents. So now, I am here.

Honestly, I am not certain if Shanghai will be the long-term station. Having moved from Xiamen, I do not intend to move again in a short time and do hope Shanghai can be the option where I live for a longer time. Even if it is a metropolitan which is not quite friendly to people from other provinces in terms of policy and high living cost, life stream has already brought me here. I am going to learn to like what’s chosen.

When I lived in Xiamen, I spent little time in walking around the city, as I thought I’d got plenty of chances to visit in the future. Often after work I got tired and did not want to do anything. Now living in another city, do I think of life in Xiamen? The answer is, yes! While I am in the middle of adapting to the new surrounding, I attempt to spend less time in asking and answering if the decision is truly worthwhile and meaningful, for it doesn’t make any sense. What I’ve learnt and what I’d like to learn further is that life does not lie in anywhere else but at the moment. Cherish the present. This may seem cliché, but usually when I'm unsatisfied with the current life, I assume life may be better in another situation. Just as a child who yearns for growing up quickly will not turn happy as well when he becomes an adult, Cheap jerseysthings will not look different if the mindset remains the same.

I planned to organize more thoughts but that is all for tonight’s writing.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The finals are out

On May 23, Beijing time, golden state warriors swept the spurs to the finals, cheap nfl fitted hatswhere they will be born between Cleveland and Celtic.
The full finals of the finals have been announced (Beijing time) :
First game: June 2, 09:00, golden state home
Game 2: on June 5, 08:00, golden state home
Game 3:09:00 on June 8, cavaliers or celtics home
Game 4: June 10, 09:00, Cleveland or Celtic
Game 5 (if needed) : 09:00 on June 13, golden state home
Game 6 (if needed) : 09:00 on June 16, Cleveland or Celtic
Game 7 (if necessary) : the golden state home at 08:00 on June 19
Now, in the eastern conference finals, cheap nfl snapback hatsthe Cleveland cavaliers have a 2-1 lead over the celtics, and tomorrow's game 4 of the series will continue in Cleveland.

The rockets reemerged

At the beginning of the season, few people really believed in the rockets' transformation, and few expected the rockets to win 55 and return to the top three in the west. But the combination of DE Anthony and harden was done.
Once upon a time, the idea of a rocket attack was merciless. Their offensive and lax defense, cheap ncaa jerseys, dubbed the "five leaky" system by their fans, is riddled with problems. Last season, the rockets didn't make the playoffs until the last day of the regular season. At the time, the conflicting rumours of the morden combo had been fired to the extreme. Harden's confusion, helplessness, is deeply engraved on his face.
However, the arrival of d 'antoni has made the rockets completely different. This season, the rockets have been able to record 115.3 points in the NBA's all-time high. Is this set of tactics for the players to create a more sufficient mobile space, whether it is a leading role, or in a supporting role, it seems every a rockets, can be in the basketball philosophy, handsome, find their own position, and recapture the fun of playing basketball.
The biggest beneficiary, of course, is harden. This season, harden had a big break, averaging 29.1 points, 11.2 assists and 8.1 rebounds. In addition, he made 22 triple-doubles and became the first NBA player to score 2, 000 +, with an assist of 900 + and 600 rebounds.
Harden was completely liberated under the upgraded version of deshuai. He doesn't have to deliberately take care inside feelings, cheap soccer jerseys, he can follow one's inclinations of possession, observe the teammate movement, he was able to send the ball in any position on the pitch, also can seize every opportunity his singles talent.
Trevor ariza and Beverly hills, both of them, have also shaken off a single image of the blue collar. This season, the two men's defense is still on the defensive, but the system of DE shuai inspires more of the attacking talent. Beverly, in particular, was on the defensive, scoring three runs, running fast and even organizing the offensive.
The two pelicans have left Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson out of their career injuries and a new life in the rockets. Throughout the season, Gordon became the no. 2 scorer of the rocket, he back three points skill package, seasons, three points, hit a few more than once the mighty splash brothers - garage and Thompson. The all-star weekend, Gordon went through the finals and beat Thompson in the final, making the rockets' first three-point series. In addition, Gordon made more than 70 appearances in the season and removed the "glass man" hat.
Anderson also become key card part of the rocket system, especially on the road, when teammates because of long distance travel, downturn, but he can always come out and attack girders. Although, on the points, cheap MLB Hats, rebounds and two data, Anderson to slightly worse than last year, but the three points in the project link, but he played the averaged 4 into shooting again.
As for the other two low-paid high-energy new signings -- Louis Williams, inside, it's also a show of interest. The Brazilian beast was once in danger of losing the NBA job after the Olympics, but Murray was able to keep his basketball career in the rockets. As a veteran of the tour, there is a deeper insight into the tactics of deshuai. In the match, he and harden became a classic template for other internal lines.
Fluffy fled Los Angeles to avoid becoming the lakers' top infighting and rebuilding their victims. As the league's top-flight instant force, the rockets have been able to show off their offensive firepower. Over the course of the season, the lakers have been averaging 15.1 points, the rockets' no. 3 scorer, and his sixth man, with Gordon, has made the rest of the league salivate.
Everyone can fight, everyone can fight, the team atmosphere of this season of rockets, warm, positive, bring a kind of refreshing feeling of the spring breeze. If a year ago, the rockets still was despised by the people of disorderly, so now, cheap nba hats, when Houston soldiers on the playoffs stage again, but has no opponent dare to despise them again.

The knights of the green army are fighting for supremacy

The NBA has finished the final match day of the 2016-17 season, with teams taking a short break before the playoffs. Today, cheap mlb jerseyslet's review the performance of the powers in the east this season than in the wild west of the situation, the east in the endgame's playoff tickets war is to watch, in today's game before the start of the eastern half from fifth eagle to the gap between the heat only three games, 9 again before the game almost every rank transformation, competition that call a tragic, after defeating the nets bulls succeed in the playoffs the last bus, tickets for the musical wars end off.
The first half of the season, the east has always been a knight in a preeminent position, 13-2 perfect start at the beginning of the season but also graced the league, James and Michael Owen for excellent play the finals last season, but love is to regain the confidence, the first part of the season averaging data back to 20 + 10, but once on the signs of the single section 34 points. As with runner is the knight of the eastern conference finals opponent raptors last year, the raptors early season double gun and state, and the raptors point guard DE mar - demar derozan performance is strong, at the beginning of the season before scored 10 times more than 30 + 12 games, top scoring at the beginning of the season, and he will turn around and cic as a major means of attack of the classical point guard play is known by the broad masses of fans as kobe Bryant's successor, cheap nba jerseyswith the deepening of the season, demar derozan scoring performance fell back, but the season averaging 27.3 points and 5.2 rebounds, 3.9 assists has enough experience.
East this season gives a person the biggest surprise is Isaiah Thomas led the celtics, the last season's first-round exit team this season in metamorphosis, final regular-season push the cavaliers go top of their eastern trading, and lead them eventually won the achievement is their ace has little Thomas, regular season little Thomas is averaging 29.1 points and 5.9 assists amaze the whole data union, and he because only the height of 1 meter 75 more by the masses of fans dubbed the "175" the strongest surface, small is responsible for the offense, Thomas Bradley smart cloud of iron wall becomes the league has enabled all perimeter player's nightmare, the celtics this season, has become a knight the pride of the east's fiercest rivals.
Wizards or eastern lottery the team last season, but this season they end up to fourth place in the east a strong into the playoffs, and they with eastern conference the celtics also only have four games gap, 49 about 33 is the best record their team in the last few years, nfl jerseys cheapand the wizards can get such a good record, and their team leader John wall, excellent performance is closely related to the regular season he can cut down 23.1 points and 10.6 assists per game's top point guards, if not James harden and less play too good, theo data with record can compete the MVP this year, another is the team two players - bill Bradley and otto potter also played a career best performance in this season, top backcourt combination with top 3 d player, the wizards to let a person look forward to this year.
For young bucks, they should have had it not been for the damn injury during the regular season for better ranking, the early stage of the season starting small forward Middleton's absence that they suffered, mid season team's main power forward jia Barry parker's season is buried to the prospect of the bucks on a layer of haze, and even beasley such main substitute scorer has escaped injury, eventually the bucks to stumbling into the playoffs. But the bucks this season biggest harvest is letter brother aduh in kunming bo has grown to the league's superstar, he demonstrated the potential at the end of the season it surprised all of us, cheap nhl jerseyshas the potential to be the top three other players in the future. It was only the fourth year of his career that he was a 22-year-old man who had the ability to actually pick up a team. Maybe the bucks will not be able to go in the playoffs in the playoffs, but their potential has scared the team.

The spurs ruled the west

The NBA has finished the final match day of the 2016-17 season, with teams taking a short break before the playoffs. Today let's review the performance of the western conference this season.
The SAN Antonio spurs two:
Officially ended the regular season, the same as the last season of the west is the top two teams is still the spurs and the warriors, cheap jerseysthe warriors made about 15, 67 and the spurs also achieved 62-20. They maintained their team's dominance during the regular season.
Warriors after durant joining strength compared to last season only increased, while the main reserve team last season, all leave, but turned to Mr Chu in wes etc. Everyone in the team for their own positioning, with the deepening of the season which makes veteran Barnes joining hand coup. At the beginning of the season due to the garage with durant between ball handling issues once let cole is a headache, the team is at the beginning of the injured Kevin durant early march troubled constantly lose, but the team adjust back in state, have won 14 straight before the playoffs start is about to begin, will adjust state to the best team.
Duncan retired to the SAN Antonio spurs lost over the past 20 years of pillar and interior defense core team, at the beginning of the season they once lost, although can win but the stability of the season has gone before, but with the deepening of the fixtures Leonard growth for first-line star alliance, his progress on the offensive end enough to overcome in the game to get points, lamarcus aldridge feels lost due to increased weight gain against this past offseason, but popovich started to Leonard to share the ball at the end of the season, cheap snapback hatsin order to increase lamarcus aldridge scenes in the offensive team, the team from the early stage of the season "superstar basketball" return "team".
Houston rockets:
Last season's rockets were disappointing, and they were eliminated in the first round after the playoffs. So on offseason morey hire DE Anthony, abandon Howard righting peralta, introduced from the pelican Anderson and Eric Gordon, supplemented by the original squad team, at the beginning of the season without promising eventually became the no. 3 seed in the west and DE Anthony tactics with averaged 115.3 points in the new century the rockets to an unprecedented height, and the team leader also use season averaging 29.1 points and 11.2 assists and 8.2 rebounds data had his best season. Today's rockets are no longer the ones that don't lose the chain when it comes to the moment, but the ones that can really fight.
Utah jazz:
The last time the jazz made the playoffs in the 2011-12 season, the jazz led by deron Williams ended up in the first round of the playoffs. In now prevailing circumstances, can be a desire to jazz style, coach quinn - snyder still emphasizes confrontation with impermeable body in order to maintain the team's defensive performance, they use is the tortoise speed of offensive rhythm to weaken your opponent's attack of rounds, as the century of iron piston, wholesale jerseyswhich makes them become a winning defensive team, this season's defensive efficiency ranks first in the league, gerber to become their defensive core, this makes the jazz the league's other team don't want to run into the team, the playoffs Sir Can walk how far, let's wait and see.
Los Angeles clippers:
The clippers in the past few years has been a regular in the playoffs, but they are still there is no substantive breakthrough, the clippers this season in the regular season first once occupied union head of the deal, but as the griffin and Paul were injured team state collapsed, but the season end the clippers with a wave of six straight back into no. 4 seed in the west and their team states are adjusted to best to meet the arrival of the playoffs.
Oklahoma city thunder:
Due to Kevin durant, Oklahoma city become less of a person's team, and he also used the jaw-dropping averaging 30 + 10 + 10 data for the season on a perfect chapters, season three pairs of 42 times, three times of 50 + three pairs of wei less deduce the history of modern basketball's greatest individual performances, from the perspective of the odds of media public opinion and gaming companies opened a gateway is likely to be less crowned NBA most valuable player of the season, cheap mlb hatsthe thunder in the playoffs to walk far less depends on wei good condition can continue the regular season.
Memphis grizzlies:
Grizzly bears in the start phase state was so well this season, Randolph and small gasol is still the league's best combination of low and conley after winning the first big contract for his best season, the stability of the play to become the most excellent commander grizzly bears, but with the deepening of the fixtures injury affects the grizzlies, from top to bottom, leading to substitute all suffered injury, lead to a weak second ranked seventh in the west and the first round of the playoffs against the spurs, against the SAN Antonio spurs in 11 years they had on black eight miracle, the old foes can meet again the following g, let a person worth waiting for.
Portland trail blazers:
Last season after losing the five main western blazers ultimately ranking fifth let a person admire, but the blazers in the first part of the season, the season is off to a bad start, their ranks have been in the middle and lower reaches, trading as daily plum, nur from the nuggets for base has become a pioneer of rejuvenation, nur base has become the team's third giant in Portland, the arrival of the base, provide the powerful pick-and-roll noor also indirectly led to a renewed rudd, Cheap wholesale jerseysthey eventually after the all-star game become the league's most excellent team, west of success in the playoffs the last bus.